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This is where we come to the limits of my ability to Science. There are countless people out there who can  do a much better job than I can of filling you in on the technical details.

But what I can do is offer a few tricks and techniques my Super-Healer friends and I have developed to better endure the storms.

Number one with a bullet: Awareness.

I check religiously. This is a site that shares the readings from Satellites that monitor the Sun. You can receive advanced warnings on when the storms are coming in. This allows you mentally prepare for the increased amount of cranky coming your way. This picture shows you how easy it is to grasp the data. 

If I see anything over a C4, I know to be extra patient with people, budget for a longer commute due to foggy drivers causing problems on the freeways. 

When an M-Class comes in, or if the wind speed gets up around 600,  I try to stay in as much as possible. Great time to read a book or take a nap. Problems are just way more likely on those days. I don't ask much of clients or friends, because I know I'm less likely to get it, and pushing might lead to an argument. Especially on Facebook. Lord, the stupidity I have let myself get sucked into on that site. Trolls flourish on flare days. Just say no to flamewars. 

When an X-class comes in, or if the windspeed gets over 700km/sec I try to duck and cover. I cancel any sort of emotional heavy lifting with my recovery clients. I also try to put off anything that involves unnecessary driving into a dense populations, or undergoing a procedure like dental work. Mistakes are just more likely to made on those days.

Second step is to hydrate and eat extra healthy. Most of us aren't getting enough h2o anyway, and you definitely need more when your spaceship is in the midst of a giant fireball.

Third step, is to ease off the stims. Lord knows I love my coffee. But I know that I will pay for it that night, when I'm wide awake with every last last little nerve ending buzzing like a hornet.

Insomnia is one of the more noticeable and unpleasant aspects of a big storm. The CME's can take a few days to arrive on Earth, and they are basically fast moving clouds filled with highly charged particles. They overwhelm our electrical systems. It's like running a 100 watts through a 60 watt bulb.

If the storm is bad enough, and I have something imperative to do the next day, I will occasionally take a sleeping aid. Otherwise I'll just lay there and buzz all night. Be careful though, quite a few of those helpers are really addicting.

Benadryl works for me, as does Kava and Valerian. Melatonin is especially beneficial, as it helps produce serotonin, a happy chemical.

For some reason, the storms seem to make everything in our lives seem way seem worse than it is.  My friends and I have learned to not make important decisions based on the temporary emotions that arise during these times. (We've also learned that we were unnecessarily attaching physical pains to emotional circumstances, but that's another thing entirely.)

For some reason when the storms come in, I feel like I'm worthless, and that what I'm doing doesn't mean anything, and that my life is a waste. 

I don't know why the solar storms trigger the negative self talk, but I do know that once I am able to drag myself to the Laptop to check, I invariably see that a sizable storm is in, and this is a massive relief, because I know the source of the suffering is external, and like all storms, will eventually pass. 

If I dropped this link on your post, this is what I wanted to share with you. The horrible feelings you're experiencing will not be so bad once the storm passes, and you will be stronger for having endured the experience.

 Step 4 is the hard one. Try not to take anything personally. People are just way more likely to be jerks on these days. Don't buy into the sickness. The person spewing bile out their USB-hole online or gunning their Harley at 3:27 in the morning on a Tuesday is easier to accomodate when you know what's up.

Learn to just navigate around them, and meet them with kindness if you can. Believe me, I know the temptation to heave your Latte back at the idiot who's tailgating you at 72 mph. (Done it. Several times. Sorrynotsorry.)  But that just perpetuates the cycle.  


That's not to say we shouldn't hold them accountable for their actions. It's not their fault, but it is their responsibility. We're all getting pounded, and we're all experiencing trauma. So what separates the Jedi from the Muggles is how we handle it. Some lash it out unfairly on others, some people rise to the occasion and endure it with dignity and grace.

So here's another piece of simple info that has the power to unlock a new level of life. Our problems both on a personal and planetary level mostly stem from the fact that we have a natural tendency to over-react to perceived threats.

You see, our fight or flight mechanisms are still calibrated to Saber-Tooth tiger days. This means that when somebody cuts in line at the post office, our body dumps all the adrenaline and other kill-or-be-killed chemicals into our systems.  We rev up on the go-juice and launch into beast mode, the one designed to out run, or rip apart another apex-predator.

Most of us have no idea about the solar storms, and even fewer have any that our fight or flight mechanism is set too high, and needs to be recalibrated. So we just over-react, over and over again, and the cycle repeats. Which it will, until enough of us take the higher path. 

And right now, everyone is EDGY AF. For obvious and totally valid reasons.

IF we all stay calm, everything will play out peacefully.

So the main thing now is to start sharing this information with as many people as you can.

If enough of us can grasp that there's no such thing as true evil, that even the worst people are that way only because their psyche got unfairly twisted, we can finally transcend the cycles we've ben stuck in for 2000 years now.

Understanding leads to compassion, and compassion is the key to forgiveness. 

Once we master that, we can finally transcend the neanderthal need for revenge and retribution.

Yes, we've all been wronged. But until we recognize that we're all crew on the same space ship, and we've all just come through a horrible storm together, and forgive ALL the other crew members, we're doomed to keep repeating the clockwork cycles of senseless violence that have kept us mired in the dark ages, for ages.

That may be new new info to you as well. We're not out of the dark ages yet, and we won't be until we stop using violence to solve problems. 

The good news is that there are a number of other surprisingly simple and easy solutions to almost all of our pressing problems. The technology to upgrade every facet of our existence already exists, and is ready to roll out.  We just have to stop yelling at each other long enough to put it into play.

So if I could ask one favor of you,  send your friends to this website, or one like it.

It's a simple matter of critical mass. Once enough intelligent people know what's happening, we'll be able to fix everything.

That's where you come in.  Once enough people know what's going on, we can all start getting on the same page.  In this case just as easy as pointing people to the right information, and we can now communicate at the speed of light, for free.

Thanks for your time.

Ryan Rif Parks.

PS, Please feel free to correct or upgrade any of this via the comments. I'm one of those rare people who actually appreciate it when you correct me, and I really just want this to work. So if you see any way to make it better, hack away!

I also wrote a super-hero themed story designed to call attention the solar storms, and make the planetary maintenance tasks we need to perform feel like you're the star of a Superhero movie.

If you're a gamer, like Star Wars, Star Trek, The X-men, Avengers', Assassin's Creed, DeadPool, Harry Potter, or the movie "The Matrix", you'll dig this. It creates a way for us to turn saving the real world into a really fun game we can all play in real life. 

If it sounds fun, remember that the suns rotational period is 27.27 days.

That will only make sense if you read,

The Graph was pulled from 

By D.H. Van den Berghe, August 2012 


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