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Hi! Everything's about to get better! I promise you that.

This website is going to shine a light on one of the hidden reasons why this reality world is so crazy. 

I figured out something super important out about the Sun in 2016. That's when I wrote this article and built this site. I was told I would be killed if I shared this info too widely.

The last decade has been spent dodging death threats pretty much non-stop, so that turned out to be true. :) 

Recent events have considerably improved my personal safety factors, so here we go. 

I'm going to give you some crucial information that will help you better navigate this dangerous reality. It's 12/9/2020 and we're about to get blasted with a serious solar storm any minute now. 

These storms are invisible, but they do absolutely massively impact us. This is going to be a big Storm. It's going to make edgy people crazy, and make you feel super tired, cranky and possibly sick.

Hi, I'm Ryan Rif Parks. I'm an Addiction/Trauma recovery counselor.

All I've done for the last 13 years is research what's going on with our world.

And I've been tracking the Solar Storms religiously for a decade.

This mostly unknown info is One of the single most crucial pieces of suppressed science that exists on this planet. 

Solar Storms make us crazy and weaken our immune systems. They also generate World Wars.

Let's break it down.

Let's reverse engineer our most troubling times as a species. Here is a list of our biggest violent conflicts.


American Revolution
French revolution.
Napoleanic wars.
Taipeng Revolution
Russian revolution. 
Franco-German war.
US civil war.

World War 1.
Chinese civil war.
World War 2.
Korean war.
Iran-Iraq war.
Gulf war.
Iraq war.

And here is a graph that maps those times with a scientific process that occurs on our planet.


solar max cycle.jpg

Seems like there's some crossover there.

The blue spikes are the Sun's 11 year cycle.

But you saw that coming. :) Kinda gave it away in the trailer. 


The Sun flips on its poles every 11 years. During the period called

"Solar Maximum", it shoots out a very large number of Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections, and Solar wind. 

The Flares and CME's are basically giant fireballs that cause major problems. We'll get into exactly why shortly.

According to Alexander Chizhevsky, the Scientist that discovered the pattern and made the graph, this is what's causing our problems as a species.

Another Scientist named Raymond Wheeler tracked the pattern back even further, and says it holds true for 2000 years.

I believe them. Here's why.



My addiction/PTSD recovery clients all have my personal cel number and I am always on call. They are encouraged to call me whenever things get dire.

Over and over again, that line would be quiet for weeks, then a large number of the successfully rehabbed kids from all over the country would all call on the exact same day, with the exact same story. 

"Everything was fine yesterday. Today I'm going to relapse/hurt myself/use and I don't know why."

I know why now. It's because we were all basically getting mass-microwaved at the same time. 

First Step: Assessing X-Rays.

You know how when you get an X-ray, the Tech covers you in a huge lead apron and then scurries off into a shielded room, so as not be exposed to the dangerous radiation?

That's because X-rays rip us apart at a molecular level. It's ionizing radiation.

Ok, now that we've established that, let's talk about Solar Flares.

Think of it like a fireball being shot out of the side of a spaceship. That's pretty much exactly what it is. 

Sometimes, the Earth is in the way and we get hit by a flare. This is not good, because these fireballs are made of X and Gamma Rays. Gamma rays are even more dangerous than Xrays btw.


We've established that X-ray machines contain radiation that is dangerous for us. Here is the size of the machine at your Doctor's office.

And here is the size of the Solar Flares that shoot out of the Sunspots. 

So let's look at this logically. If the wave of X-rays coming out of that mini-fridge sized machine is dangerous to us, think about what happens when a Fireball 20 times the size of the entire Earth slams into us. 

Yeah, no bueno.

I've been tracking this since 2008. Everytime we get a big Flare, everyone goes absolutely bonkers. School Shootings, assaults, traffic accidents, accidental deaths, injuries, and dumbass Facebook Flame wars between friends ALWAYS occur during the bad ones.

The Sun also shoots out something called a Coronal Mass Ejection. CME's can be billion ton clouds of supercharged particles that slam into us at a million miles per hour.

Also unpleasant.

We are electro-magnetic beings, and when a billion ton cloud of super-dense highly charged particles slams into our magnetic field, our personal electro-chemical operating systems get blown out.

Perhaps think of it like running 327 watts through a 60 Watt bulb. It just blows us out.

12/9/20 5:17pm PST Update! 
We're about to get hit with a big CME. Possible G3 class Geo-Magnetic Storm. The Northern Lights are basically laserblasts slamming into our planetary defense shields. The Aurora's could reach down as far as Oregon. I grew up in Oregon. Never saw the Aurora Borealis once, as far as I can remember.

That means it's going to be a big blast. That combined with all the political plays are going to make tomorrow a rough day. You will probably feel super tired and groggy. That's to be expected. STAY OUT OF FIGHTS if you can. Main thing is to know you're not getting sick. HYDRATE. 

Many people think the Magnetosphere protects us from solar storms, like shields on a spaceship. Not according to NASA. They say we have holes in our shields now.


And according to recently declassified Navy  documents, a Solar Flare set off thousands of ocean mines in 1972.​

So we now know that the Flares are in fact breaching our shields and negatively affecting our electromagnetic systems.

Solar storms also regularly knock out sensitive electronics like radios and satellites. We are sensitive electronics. :) 


Like clockwork, when the solar storms come in my Facebook feed fills with angry childish flamewars.

There will also be a highly anomalous number of people reporting injury accidents and deaths.

The really senseless mass shootings mostly occur during heavy solar flare days. I started actually predicting them on my FB wall. Feel free to pull that data off my wall if you're interested. "Ryan Rif Parks".

We are currently leaving solar minimum. Which means we have been in the quiet peaceful part of the cycle for the last year or so.

The first sunspots of the next Solar cycle are starting to appear.

The dangerous part of that cycle is starting to rev up, and our national collective consciousness is currently super fragile. We are already on edge.

We have yet to get hit with an X-Class Flare during the CV crisis.

Thankfully. But they are coming. 

And they're going to cause more problems. That's just what happens when already edgy people all get mass-microwaved on the same day.

But when we all know the Solar Storms are incoming, we can mentally prep to be able to navigate more effectively. Especially if we all work together on this together. 

Friends, PLEASE SHARE this site with your friends. Heck, share with the people you're mad at. Make sure they know what's going on with this. EVERYBODY needs to know about this reality factor.

This is that big. Crucial info. It's like if we were all about to get hit with a class 5 Sharknado. We should all be talking about it.

Page 2 contains info on how to properly prepare yourself for these days. Knowing how to read will give you a way to stay ahead of the waves of rough energy.

If you are a scientist who needs cites and peer reviewed papers at this point, go find them. Go to Pubmed and use the keywords "Solar Flare effect". 

That Solar cycle graph is the smoking gun by the way. There's no way that every major world-scale violent conflict of the last 200 years perfectly coincides with Solar Max's 11 year cycle by accident.


(For those of you currently thinking correlation never equals causation, turns out that's actually a fallacy itself.)

Good news. It's so much easier to stay out of conflicts if you expect the bad behavior. It's so much easier to find patience and forgiveness for someone if you know the reason why they did the bad thing wasn't entirely their fault.

Understanding the solar influence allows you to feel compassion for the

A-hole who cut you off in the car. So you don't have to process the rage.

And then you also don't unconsciously vent all that anger later on your Boss, causing even more problems in your life.

Understanding leads to Compassion.
Compassion leads to forgiveness. 
Forgiveness leads to World Peace.

World Peace leads to the best afterparty ever, but that's a story for another day. :) 

Let's simplify and sum up.

1. Gamma and X-rays tear us apart on a molecular level.

2. Every 11 years we get bombarded with giant fireballs filled with Gamma and X-rays during a period called Solar Max.

3. The thing that's supposed to shield us has holes in it.

4. Almost every time we enter Solar Max, we end up in a world war or other large scale conflict.

5. This pattern holds true for several thousand years worth of history. 

Therefore it is entirely reasonable to surmise that this is a one of the main sources of our problems as species.

The good news though, is that now that we know about this, we can start spreading awareness, kickstart the forgiveness process, let go of the grudges, put aside the past, and start working together so that we can have a blast upgrading the entire planet. 

Also, along with this intel, I am also now able to start sharing all the other  REALLY good news and personal power ups I've compiled as well. 

Here's more of the intel that almost got me killed. 

According to Science, your brain is actually a million times more powerful than a super computer. True Story.

You are already incredibly powerful.

You can actually do anything you set your mind to. Again, true story. Your brain is just beyond powerful. unpacks all that.


TLDR: It's a Bo staff and Lightsaber spinning fitness program you can do in your apartment.

It's also the system that I use to get people off dumb drugs and back on track. It will power you up. It helps heal PTSD and ends addictions superfast.

It will be a super fun way to rev up your immune system during Quarantime.

It's also a way to learn how to upgrade the Operating System of your brain. But I'll let explain that.

And I can now finally start asking for help. My entire life got wiped out years ago by the people behind this whole mess. My information and activism got me highly targeted, and my finances have been sabotaged and wiped out for years. 

If you are able to donate a few bucks for this info that would be most helpful. I'm just now able to launch a new TV channel that will share a ton of this sort of suppressed information. 

And I have a ton of helpful inside info friends. What I'm bringing you almost got me killed several times. Because it's that good. 

I need to move to Austin so I can work with friends who can help me provide you with better TV content. I know a bunch of fun ways to supercharge your systems to the point where you never get sick. I never get sick. 

And I'm not kidding about your brain being a million times more powerful than a Supercomputer. You are already rocking Jedi-level Intel inside as we speak.

Kung Flow will give you a fun way to put that vast power into play. Kung Flow is also up on a donation basis right now. Why is it as free as it needs to be even though I am financially poor?

Because Kung Flow heals PTSD super fast. It's a legit Game Changer folks. Head over to the site and see for yourself. That's what I care about. But please do donate if you can. And know that all funds go straight to making content that helps people heal and grow.

I know many of you literally don't have a dollar to spare, so helping get the word out is equally helpful. If enough people can kick in a few bucks I can keep all this information flowing for free.

Here's the link to the FundRazr, or you can donate directly on the site.

Thank you for your time. And please do take some time to share this with your friends. It honestly is a life saver. 

And I love you. :) 

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